Battery Charger Designer & Manufacturer
Supplying premium Battery Management Solution.
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Battery Charger Designer & Manufacturer
Supplying premium Battery Management Solution.
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Shenzhen ABT Electronics CO.,LTD was established in May 2010, As a subsidiary of Green Digital Group, dedicated to R&D, manufacture intelligent battery charger from 5W to 5000W, power adapter, battery BMS,battery test tool, battery banlance module and battery packs.Our product cover Lead acid battery charger,Lithium battery charger, Ni-Mh Ni-Cd battery charger and LiFePo4 battery chargers.
As a high-tech enterprise recognized by the Shenzhen government,we have more than 10 expert engineers, who are proficient in various high-frequency soft and hard switching technology, digital power control technology, power and battery management technology and communication technology (CAN, 485, 232, SMBUS, BT, LAN, etc).We have been applied ISO9001 and Strictly produce and manufacture according to relevant standards,Products have been applied CE cTUVus UL FCC PSE SAA CB BS and so on safety certificate.
80% of our products are exported to the United States, the European Union, Japan, Russia, and Australia. We are familiar with the safety requirements of various countries for power products, and our constant pursuit of product quality and safety is our eternal goal.

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Classification of power adapter

Nowadays, instruments, machines and equipment are more reliable in their characteristics, their functions are constantly improved, and the level of automation technology in their application is getting higher and higher.

The low voltage output of charger

The DC voltage output of the charger of electric vehicle is too low. According to the maintenance experience, besides the voltage stabilization control circuit will cause the output voltage to be too low

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Dedicated to digital control power products for 13 years.

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